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One New York Man’s Journey to OffGrid Living in Montana

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Gary OnyskoGary Onysko
I read "One New York Man's Journey to Off Grid Living in Montana" after hearing Rich speak on the Hagmann and Hagmann show. Being a canoeing and cross country skiing instructor, and high school outdoor education teacher for many years in Canada, his description of the necessity to get back to nature and live self sufficiently really hit home. This book was simply amazing. Rich has the ability to combine real world political and social events to practical and realistic methodologies to living off grid. His explanations on the necessity to do so really should hit home for the average North American out there who 'knows' something is amiss and wants to do something about it. Being a former financial advisor for many years after my teaching career, I concur with Rich's assessment of the economic mess that we are in, and I believe this book should me a mandatory read for all Americans and Canadians. The book lays out in very understandable format the 'why' and the 'how to' for being more self sufficient. In these uncertain times, we need to look at this information and apply it where possible . I attempted to write a 5 star (excellent) review several times on Amazon, but was always 'kicked out' of the system. However,I had no trouble writing some reviews just recently on some products that I more recently bought online. I endorse this book wholeheartedly and hope that Rich Scheben can use this review on his website to promote what I believe to be just an excellent read.
Jeff AndersonJeff Anderson
I could not have loved, resonated with, and appreciated this book more. Are you happy with what you see for a future in America? Rampant indebtedness alongside a failing currency. Millions who are looking to the government to support them? The erosion of personal freedoms. The shredding of our constitution. The ever shrinking middle class. A life of slavery to mortgages and utility companies, along with genetically modified food half the world has outlawed filling our grocery stores. How about an infusion of hope? How about exploring what you might do to change your living circumstances? Reading this book could be considered an investment in your own children's future. This is a book with a remedy which is not out of reach of people who are willing to take the initiative. When I read the author's take on political correctness and the damage it has inflicted upon the American people, I knew I had discovered a blood brother. I believe that the author's insights into this sickening and stifling happening called political correctness are dead on, and you will find yourself wanting to stand up and say YES at many junctures in this book. At the end of this book I found myself infused with a new hope. That there are some real ways that a person can claim back today what many of our forefathers and mothers lived, fought, and died for. I am inspired and encouraged by the words and themes of this great book! Do yourself a favor and order the book. Jeff Anderson
Any Internet search on 'preparedness; off-grid; sustainable-living', etc. will produce mildly interesting and unfortunately even less informative "how-to" pieces until the reader's interest has been satisfied, or squashed. About 90% of those engaging in such searches are doing so from the perceived security of the suburbs or urban centers of America. A search such as this is all too often mere curiosity- the desire to glimpse into the lifestyle of someone who has chosen to go about things differently; kind of like watching a reality TV show! The more curious reader, however, might not be too concerned with "how"- after all we're Americans and we can figure out "how" right? More to the point, the real question is "WHY?" So why would a man with a lucrative pharmaceutical sales career, born and bred in the New York metro area turn his back on convention, all things comfortable and known, and head into the 'wilds' of Montana to live as close to nature as possible, utilizing the most sustainable methods possible? The answers are brought to light in Rich's book. Thanks to Rich's spot-on analysis of where America, and in particular the middle class is headed, we should all take heed and realize that the real question is not "why is Rich living this lifestyle", rather "how vulnerable is my lifestyle, and... what would happen IF?". This book illustrates the increasingly urgent need to "dovetail 19th century ideas and practices with modern technology". Rich sounds the alarm that we may rue the day we forget those essential 19th century "how-to" methods. He puts the "why" under the spotlight, and couples it with personally tried and proven "how" insights. As it turns out we knew "how" centuries ago, we just need to relearn that knowledge in the company of limited modern technology. But in Rich's book we see "why". The prudent reader will pay close attention and second-guess their lifestyle; unfortunately given the course we're on Rich's candid analysis may seem antiquated in just a matter of years. A brilliantly insightful read!
I know Rich, and what he says in the book he lives every day. When you meet him, he doesn't look much like a mountain man, but once you start talking with him you will soon realize that he knows very well what it will take to turn our country around working from a personal standpoint. Just say no to political correctness and do yourself a favor and read this book. Paul
John MooreJohn Moore
Out of stock??? This is a print on demand book, it can't be out of stock!! Great book by a man who overcame major health matters to live his dream. John Moore
Norman BroyerNorman Broyer
I tripped upon this book from a review in Montana Magazine. While I can say it isn't necessarily what I expected, I would still give it a strong review, with the following caveats: If you are a "cool aid" drinker, Obama supporter, you probably will not get beyond the first two chapters; if you are concerned with government intrusion and control of your life, you will approve. While the book is not a complete road map to how to get to a state of independence, what it does provide is numerous cross references to sources to further educate your self so that you can tailor your course of action to your own particular circumstances and needs. It is intended to be motivational, and if you approach it with an open mind, and a willingness to accept personal responsibility to chart your own course, then he achieved his purpose. At the cost of two packs of cigarettes, or less than two movie tickets, how can you lose? Norman Broyer
This book clearly lays out many of today's issues/problems and provides solutions for tomorrow. Whatever your political leanings, Rich's message of self-sufficient living and helping others is simple common sense and decency. The man walks the talk. Buy copies of this book for your family and friends so they can start making changes toward a simpler and healthier lifestyle. kk51
Rucksak RobRucksak Rob
The first half of the book deals with the main reason the author went 'off-grid', primarily due to both health and severe political correctness, which I too have had to deal with as a white male, (his reasons are not racial at all, but political, with facts to back them up). The second half is the DIY / off-grid / homesteading info that most readers will be expecting and it is full of many tips and tid-bits of info. If I had one complaint about the book it would be that the author seems to have had quite a nest egg prior to moving to Montana to build his off-grid dream, which is not to say he didn't work hard for it, it is just that most 'back-to-the-landers / homestead dreamers / et.al can only wish and pray for. (and to boot, he / they did this at a later age and with a bad back... good job Rich and Karen). Rucksak Rob
Great all around book for someone new to or interested in learning more about the off-grid lifestyle. Funny and entertaining; honest and forthright. This is a great read and absolutely jam-packed with great information. Highly recommend! Dottiesf
Gerald LewallenGerald Lewallen
Rich gives a detailed essay on his reasons for going off grid and how he decided on the location of his property purchase. It gives the person interested in that lifestyle steps to consider in their quest for living on their own terms. Gerald Lewallen
Vitamin 11Vitamin 11
Most of us know, or at least can sense, that the world seems to be in a continuous downward spiral. In this book, the author, Rich Scheben presents insights into why he believes this is happening…and manages to do it in an entertaining, often humorous, fashion. Even if you live in or near a big city, and you like your modern conveniences too much to ever want to adopt an "of-the-grid" lifestyle, the author will make you stop and think seriously about how important it is to be just a little bit better prepared and a little bit more independent. You will glean ideas on how you can further protect your family from the unexpected, wherever you live. Besides, this book is an interesting and encouraging adventure story, which takes you away from big city corporate life, to life in the semi-wilds of Montana, and living off the land, to a major extent. It is an interesting read that you will not want to put down once you start, and you will feel the author's passion. Vitamin 11
Diana ZoppaDiana Zoppa
Rich Scheben what a dream and goal accomplished! Inspirational, motivational and truly insightful! Living off the grid seems impossible for most of us to consider but "One New York Man's Journey" makes you believe you can and more so that you want to! Diana Zoppa
Ulrich BortfeldUlrich Bortfeld
I had the privilege to spent some time with Rich on his hobby ranch in 2011. I was surprised how comfortable one can live without electricity and running water. Rich has done what most cubicle warriors only dream of: get off the hamster wheel and live off the grid. His book is the the ultimate investor guide for expropriation-proof asset classes: fire wood, a large vegetable garden and fun in the last best place. You can find out more about his adventures at his web site: offgridmontana. Ulrich Bortfeld
Dianne HansenDianne Hansen
We live near Rich and Karen and can vouch for the book being a true extension of Rich's beliefs AND lifestyle. He's true to his word, living his dream life. I especially enjoyed the chapters describing his gardening and wild crafting. Soon he'll be taking a group of us over his property looking for and identifying plants that we can eat! This'll be fun, informative, and USEFUL. I recommend this book to all people looking to relocate to simpler lifestyles, to people wanting guidance for "how to do it", and I also recommend the book to like-minded people who believe in hard work and carrying your own weight. Karen is just as passionate as Rich is! Dianne Hansen
Ardes BristArdes Brist
Great Read! A close neighbor of sorts...we live about 40 miles south of the author... Ardes Brist
Erin DakinsErin Dakins
Rich has done it - walked the walk and talked the talk! His book gives me hope that one day my dream can come true as well - that I may get to live somewhere where I will be more self-sustaining and have that rural, off grid home I dream of! He gives you practical information to help you make informed choices and realize your own goals. If you dream of living life more free, not tied down to utilities, not trapped by HOAs and be closer to nature, you need to read this book and then start planning! Erin Dakins
S. LassS. Lass
The author makes a lot of good points about why he lives off grid and how to go about it. I didn't give him a higher star rating because it simply is not feasible for everyone to pick up and move to a rural area as he did. He also moved when he was younger and had more time to convert to off grid living. As to the how to's of converting, more detail would have been helpful, especially for the novices. It would have been nice to have more detail about how to go off grid or how to use less public utilities for more independent living. Here I think more research and detailed books about various aspects of it will be needed for those serious enough to attempt it. S. Lass
Daniel PutnamDaniel Putnam
This is a good book of the authors adventure to the "off grid" life. Daniel Putnam
Paula G.Paula G.
This is a very informative read!!! Paula G.
This is a great book with many interesting topics and really begins to wet your appetite to want to learn more. It's well laid out and interesting that you won't want to put it down. The story and information has so much we can all relate to. I too am making a similar journey. It's nice to know I won't need to reinvent the wheel in my journey. I strongly encourage many to give their best effort in learning about a self sufficient lifestyle. Kudos to a great American. Patrick

One New York Man's Journey To Off Grid Living In Montana