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One New York Man’s Journey to OffGrid Living in Montana

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S. ChauS. Chau
I first found out about Rich Scheben on USAprepares.com radio show and then was inspired to read this book. After just reading the first few chapters it immediately changed my perspective on what I thought was most important in my life. Rich offers great insight into living off the grid along with the pros and cons of alternative energy, choosing land, planting vegetables and fishing (just to name a few). I also didn't think it was possible but I contacted Rich through his website and asked if I could obtain and autograph copy and Rich was so gracious. I will always remember your words of wisdom. Thanks a lot! S. Chau
Husband likes it
Richard RossonRichard Rosson
Okay Rich - I finally read your book. I have seen the farm that Rich talks about in this book. I did not spend a lot of time there, by my wife and I really enjoyed the visit. It was fun and educational to see how everything comes together. Thanks Rich & Karen. Seems like you and I have chewed some of the same dirt in the past. I enjoyed reading your story and can relate personally to a lot of it. I like that you gave enough information for us to do our own research into how we can take similar actions to better our own lives. You have a great story of never giving up, and making your dreams of a better life come true. I like the references you gave and have ordered a couple books on Amazon to follow through. Good job Rich. Richard Rosson
Not just another "how-to survive off-grid" book. This book combines practical wisdom with the ideals, philosophies and events leading more people off-grid. An inspiring personal story unlike most and a good read.
James Y.James Y.
Book is well worth reading. Wish author would have gone into more details on somethings. James Y.
The book s very interesting Well written ! Calldrin
Shay and James YonShay and James Yon
This book is a great read for anyone who is on the fence about getting off grid. Rich definitely says what so many of us conservative minded folks are feeling and experiencing. Rich gives great details as to why we should get off the grid and no longer depend on the government and the corporate monsters to do what is in the best interests of the American people. Its time to control our own destiny and do what's best for our families. Shay and James Yon
J. WhiteJ. White
I know Rich personally, and have interviewed him several times on the radio. I have also been to his house near Eureka, MT, and I feel compelled to report that Rich is the real deal. Rich gave me a signed copy of his book and when it comes to the topics that Rich outlines in his book, he not only believes in them, he lives them day-in and day-out. The thing i liked most about Rich's book was that he not only succinctly outlines the challenges that we face, but he provides workable solutions to said challenges. I highly recommend Rich's fine book, and I am honored to call him a friend. J. White
Marc ORourkeMarc ORourke
It's so refreshing to read something from someone who has the guts to finally tell the truth and practices what he preaches. So many people in America are looking for a similar dream of not just living off the grid but of creating a new game plan for life. This author walks the talk and is so refreshing to read in this political correct, follower mentality America has become. It's also so easy to see that the negative comments coming forth about this book are from people who haven't (obviously) read this whole book. It's too bad that some people let ideology get in the way of middle class prosperity. This author has great messages of synergy for America and standing for principle. In other words playing by the same rules, laws and accountability. If we don't, (than Rich is right) we might as well re-name our country the Divides States of America. I hope this author writes more books because I am tired of being dumbed downed and divided by the main stream media. Marc ORourke
Ruth HagueRuth Hague
I love the book! Rich has written a book that is interesting and informative. He completely embrases what has truly ruined this country thru all the government BS!! I am proud that Rich has been able to accomplish his dream and has the heart to share the possibility for other people to get out of the "rut" and enjoy life instead of being a rat trapped in a cage. Very informative of living off grid including land selection, gardening, fishing, hunting, water and power supply. Rich is a true man not afraid to educate people of a better life. Looking forward to another book!!!!!! Ruth Hague
This was really 2 books in one. First was the author's view of the current societal atmosphere and the need to escape to a rural setting and become more independent from the masses. Second was the actual movement to the off grid lifestyle and the "How - To" of becoming self reliant. The author might consider releasing this again as 2 books, with more appealing covers and a more readable title. Other than that the book(s) were great. Howie
Terry ComstockTerry Comstock
This is a book that I find to be honest and inspiring! Rich is the real deal! He lives by a principle and unlike most--- he sticks to it! I read through the reviews and most are favorable! Like everyone you meet you are never going to totally agree with everything they say. But nothing he says isn't the truth, even if we don't like hearing it sometimes. Rich is honest and his word is his bond. He says what he means and means what he says. He has some great points of wisdom here and even if we cannot commit totally to the lifestyle we can all take something from him and his experience's here. Most people will get something from this book. Buy it and read it all the way through. You'll be glad you did. Terry Comstock
Wayne RobinsonWayne Robinson
I know the author; Rich and I have hunted, fished and shared many a wild game meal together with our better halves. My freezer still has a stack of steaks from Rich’s last Moose hunt. In Northwest Montana the barter system and neighbors sharing is alive and well. I have tasted the Muskox, the Arctic Char, the Elk, and some things I didn't ask :-). Rich has made the “art of off grid living” his passion, his purpose, and his mission. He has dedicated himself to educating and helping others appreciate and accomplish this amazing lifestyle goal, should they wish to do so. I find that reading his book is not different from sitting across the kitchen table from Rich and listening to him tell his story. The book is from the heart and Rich shares his life experiences in achieving self-sufficiency and independence from the concrete world. Rich walks us through many of the primary steps and challenges that need to be considered in living off-grid. The book covers many subjects such as acquiring the land, building the home, the water, the sun, the solar, the garden, the wild game/fish access, and much more. The book also offers insight and potential opportunities for people to learn to become more self-sufficient and live healthier lives. It is important to note that one does not need to make the complete wilderness off-grid transition in one swoop. If you listen to Rich’s weekly radio talk shows you will hear him explain that the path to self-sufficiency and a healthier life can be done in steps. You can do the garden, you can do the solar, the hobby farm, you can take up hunting and fishing… each step has its own rewards. The book explains this and much more.
Shawn PergerShawn Perger
This is an outstanding story and guide, of a man who has done what many of us want to do, but don't have the experience or nerve. This is the book that will show the way. Here is a story of a truly inspiring man. I highly recommend this to anyone that feels it time to get out of this insane rat race and get back to the fundamentals of truly living a great life, as it was ment to be. Thanks Rich for sharing this world with us. Shawn Perger
A fellow shopperA fellow shopper
This is a interesting story, and what makes it appealing to me is that it is true. It is a refreshingly, honest journey of one man's desire to break out of the rat race and pursue his dream for living self-sufficiently, and off grid living. This is his passion, and you can tell. Rich is very passionate about politics and political correctness, which has played a big part in his experience. He also wants to help others, which is why this book, radio interviews, and website exists. If you want to keep your head in the sand, then this book is not for you. One reviewer decided that the author, Rich, was a "nagging" or a "frustrated man"... Funny, I don't get that at all. What I hear is someone Who is passionate and cares about our Country, and the direction we seem to be heading. Is this book only for those who have a nest egg, and can move into a rural area tomorrow? No, not necessarily. This book is helpful for those with practical interest in gardening, herbs, etc. as well as those who would like to add some self-sufficiency to their lives. Does this book have some how-to's on getting started? YES! Just check out the table of contents. What I appreciate is the positive tone of the book, of simply getting started. Start small, start wherever you want. There is no right and wrong way. Rich's dream is not everybody's dream, and that's okay! Still, the information in these pages might surprise you. It's condensed, helpful, and readable. Reccommended! A fellow shopper
Kyle HarrisKyle Harris
Having lived off grid for 13 years myself I found the book refreshing and inspiring. Rich "tells it like it is" in the political arena as well as the real life adventures he has had. It is a great mixture of humor and brutal facts about the way life is in America as well as an inspiring story. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue any dream it will show you how one man did it his way. Kyle Harris
What more can be said? Here's a man that not only "Talks the Talk" but he also "Walks the Walk!" After reading "One New York Man's Journey To Off Grid Living in Montana", I would like to see the author produce two separate books in the future.....one on his views of "political correctness" and the other strictly on "living off the grid." After meeting Rich and Karen personally, I found them both to be genuine and true to their word. It's encouraging to know, with all the turmoil in the world today, there will always be survivors like these folks who are independent and self-sustaining with a common sense mentality to carry on what they feel is morally right as well as have the grit and determination to follow their beliefs. Trudy
Linda JohnsonLinda Johnson
not only is this a very informative & practicable guide to live a comfortable life off the grid, but also how to be self sufficient. Being able to live a self sufficient life by not being tied to power cords & be able to grow & hunt your own foods is important no matter what else is happening in the world. by reading & following Rich's journey you will learn the skills & have the information necessary to have a wonderful "unplugged", a lot of stress gone, healthier food kind of life. My only problem with this book is the fact it is too short. I feel that there was more information Rich could have shared, but by the same token you could do some of your own research if you want more information. don't loan this book to a friend because you will find yourself re-reading parts as you progress to your goal of 'off grid living". Linda Johnson
Rich clearly describes his reasoning for leaving "the rat race." Bravo is all I can say! I thoroughly enjoyed his political incorrectness and candor. His solutions to our current crisises are warmly received and greatly appreciated. Get the book. Suresight
Chris FarnworthChris Farnworth
I have about 250 unread new books (a little too busy in life), but I did read this one all the way through. Once I started it, I finished it without thinking twice. That's because Rich is a very intelligent fellow, with a very fresh, original perspective on living life. He delineates very clearly why he made his choices, and we all know that the power of choice-making is a huge factor in a happy life. And this is one happy guy, even though he has almost unsurmountable health issues. Rich is a nightmare for the victim mentality programmers. And it's always a pleasure to hear how somebody made it from not-so-happy to happy. Possibly something here may help in your life too. Recommended reading from Chris in Colorado. Chris Farnworth

One New York Man's Journey To Off Grid Living In Montana