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One New York Man’s Journey to OffGrid Living in Montana

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K. JohnsonK. Johnson
Hey Rich, you tell it like it is. This is a wake-up call in an easy to read format that any mature reader can handle. I have no problem being a woman and saying that EEO is GARBAGE! Hey, if you cannot hire or be hired based on your ability to perform the duty stay home. I've passed my copy along to a friend and it will circulate from there. Thanks for the read.
Even though I grew up 'off-grid', I found this book to have lots of great ideas and practical solutions to common sense living for a quality life. I loved how real and down-to-earth the author wrote each chapter making everything so simple to understand. His passion for making America a better place and upholding the values this country was founded on shine through the pages. His eyes are not blind to the fact that America is fast losing its freedoms and life as we know will not be for long. This book gives some practical suggestions for being better prepared for the troublesome times in the not so distant future. Even if life never changed - a person would never regret being more self-sufficient. (We had a wind storm blow down the power pole to our pump house. It took the powers that be 3 weeks to get us help. We were thankful that we knew how to live without running water and since that event we invested in a hand pump to improve our situation for next time;) ) This book is informative, interesting, and insightful with many practical pointers for making your life better:)! TBT
Pretty informative and I like the way the author writes. Still working my way through it but almost to the end. Carin
Tom PetersonTom Peterson
Mr. Sheben goes to the heart of our current condition with an honest, unabashed look at where we are as a society, and where we’re going. While not a political thesis, he explains both the cause and effect of our Country’s devolution from self-reliance into dependency. His impressive story of what can be done to assure self-sufficiency, even under dire physical constraints, is inspiring for those with doubts in their ability to achieve their dream of off-grid living. While not heavy in detail (many things mentioned sent me looking for more information), he covers a lot of ground in explaining what’s necessary, and what’s not necessary, for self-sufficient living. Overall, a very good read for those of us with a realistic assessment of things to come. Tom Peterson
Al GroverAl Grover
A very good book for those who live among the sheep of our society. Time to wake up America! Al Grover
Lyle OlsenLyle Olsen
Despite our differences politically, I have to give Rich five stars for his passion, his articulate writing, his scope of knowledge about a lifestyle I've enjoyed for 35 years, and his insight into a solution to our problems that will eventually come to pass: schools/programs teaching how to live simply with health and longevity. He gladly shares his perceptions about life in America today and expresses many of the thoughts we all have about the many idiocies we face in this society. Consequently, he'll upset some readers, as the poor reviews show. It didn't hurt me a bit to have my feathers ruffled and I commend Rich for living and sharing his dream. With any luck he'll let this old Democrat come visit some day and learn more from him. Lyle Olsen
this is a great book I I have been living this way for a while now and I am so glad someone has written a book to help other to make the move to see where the need to be in their lives and see what our society is doing to our way of life Tailsman
Concrete CowgirlConcrete Cowgirl
As hard as “they” try to convince the masses that homesteading and off-grid living is for ancients, mountain men, doomsday preppers, conspiracy theorists, right-wing whack jobs, and religious fanatics, I am living proof that this lifestyle is etched into the DNA of everyday Americans. I am a young, single female, born and raised in an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood, attended private schools, graduated from college, working in corporate management – I am proof positive that the simple life is not a mere romantic dream of yesteryear but is alive and well all over the United States in the hearts of normal, hard-working, educated American men and women. If a re-discovery of America is our quest, then Rich Scheben is our Chris Columbus! Rich is a self-proclaimed “Average Joe” who isn’t content to live in the “every man for himself” world that America has become. He has taken 25+ years of learning experiences and generously and passionately shared what he has learned with others. Not only in this book, but in the hundreds of people he has befriended, invited to his home, e-mailed, and spent hours upon hours on the phone with, one of those folks being me. If you have a latent dream to live the simple life but have convinced yourself that there is no way in the world that it could ever become a reality, then this book is for you. Concrete Cowgirl
Author is the real deal. Although he grew up in New York, he set out to become a Montana mountain man, developing a self-reliant lifestyle in a log cabin, producing nearly all his own food from gardening, raising livestock, hunting and fishing. His unique story is inspirational for anyone who wants to escape the concrete jungle and live independently in glacier mountains of NW Montana. I have known Rich Scheben for several years and he has shown me how to catch Kokanee Salmon on his river and many other skills for living off the land. He has taken every species of big game animals in Montana with bow and arrow, except grizzly and wolf which were taken in other areas. The book explains how to choose land, build a cabin, set up gardens, raise farm animals, all on a "hobby farm" with chapters on solar panels, water supply, barns, fencing and, recreational activities, hunting and fishing. Author is exceptional for his willingness to share his experience with others who might want to live off grid in Montana. rellimtre
Mark SandersMark Sanders
Every once in a Great While, along comes a man who sincerely shares his genuine journey of self-discovery. As it turns out, this man found himself in-the-midst of a man-made concrete jungle which did not nurture the nature of his being. Since he was very young……he sensed that……..THERE HAD TO BE MORE…..and so he endeavored to find more and more pathways to gain deeper access to the nature of Nature and, in-turn, the nature of his Self. As Rich shared his very personal story I could not help but be stirred and inspired to reflect upon my own path that I have traveled and find how relative his message was….AND IS….for myself, and even more importantly, to ALL OF US in Our American Culture. Our nation did NOT start out as a city or even a town. Our roots go back PRECISELY to ……THE WILD FRONTIER. (all cities at one point-in-time…were originally…..FORESTS….? ) Now much of that Wild Frontier has seemingly disappeared to many, if not most, of Our Fellow Countrymen and in-turn, it seems that THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THE ROOTS OF THEIR OWN NATURE. Rich Scheben, in sharing his most vivid experiences…..from both the “civilized” modern-world and through his encounters on the front-lines of Raw Nature…..calls each of us back, to question and hopefully find, a truer and deeper sense of Reality……and….WHO WE ARE….in it. In this regard, Rich truly is…..one of Man’s Best Friends in calling each of us back to…..the nature of Nature and ever-more important, to the Nature of One’s Self. For, without both, how can one find one’s way through this thing called LIFE ? Thank You Rich for helping me to re-embrace and re-activate my own soul’s inner-guidance system….i.e. my natural & God-given….GPS !!
Vincent FinelliVincent Finelli
Living Off The Grid - By A Man Who Moved From Middle Management To Log Cabin Independence I like Rich Scheben. He tells his story, one of a man with no special skills moving from the high life as a consumer in NYC to that of a self sufficient producer in Montana. Imagine the dramatic lifestyle change - the shift to no running water, no flushing toilets, and raising and hunting for your own food. Can you do it? Are you mentally ready? Most of us think we can't. I suggest that you consider reading this book to find out if you can. I am so impressed with Rich Scheben and his story that I invited him to be an Instructor at USAPrepares.com where you can hear him on-the-air with us. I believe that you too can follow our steps to be self sufficient and forge your own way to freedom and independence. Vincent Finelli, broadcaster, USAPrepares.com..... PS - As a broadcaster I receive a lot of telephone calls about the Instructors who are on the air with me - and I get a lot of compliments about Rich Scheben. He escaped from the rat-tace to a quiet lifestyle of off-grid living. This book will inspire you, and you too, make take the journey as many of us at USAPrepares have done.
LIFE CHANGING READ........... Rich is the real deal. He speaks the truth in this book and his passion for the outdoors and the synergy in man has impressed me more than words I can write. I wrote an email to rich, I had to, I felt like I had to reach out one because I am a New Yorker and two I love to hunt and fish, I asked him a couple question that I have had for a couple years now and the next day I was driving home from work and the phone rings and to my complete surprise it was a number from Montana!! I remember I was in such awe that I almost didn't answer it. I did answer it and I'm glad I did. Rich took time out of his life to call and talk to me and help me on my path of self reliance and sustainability. I remember I called everyone I knew that day it seemed, and told them that this author just called me I was so taking back. Thank you Rich. This book embodies what it means to truly live a free life. I learned so much from this book and I am now planning my path to off grid living and my humble dream to raise my family free. Read this book I promise it will answer that question that is inside of all of us, "can I really do this", trust me with this book and Rich's help you can. This book changed my life and I am a better person and have a better understanding about the off grid life I hope to obtain in the near future. THANK YOU RICH
Paul StramerPaul Stramer
A whole new paradigm for living independently from a guy that shouldn't know all this. I know Rich, and what he says in the book he lives every day. When you meet him, he doesn't look much like a mountain man, but once you start talking with him you will soon realize that he knows very well what it will take to turn our country around working from a personal standpoint. Just say no to political correctness and do yourself a favor and read this book.
Jason VantatenhoveJason Vantatenhove
REVIEW: ONE NEW YORK MAN'S JOURNEY TO OFF GRID LIVING IN MONTANA : As a talk radio show host. We have had Rich on the show many times and even gone out to his homestead and let me tell you he is truly the real deal. If you ever thought of making the move from the city to off grid living or even just more sustainable lifestyle. This is a great primer and guide. It shows you how you can make the life change and learn the skills necessary to live a back to nature lifestyle. Rich also has a keen understanding of what is happening to our dyeing middle class and just how political correctness is a major weapon in this battle.
I recently purchased and read Rich Scheben’s book, One New York Man’s Journey to Off Grid Living in Montana. The book contained a wealth of Information. Subsequently, I attempted to give the book a five star review on Amazon but did not succeed in getting the review posted. I even called Amazon after the second failed attempt and the review showed up momentarily but then disappeared again. I am unsure as to why my review would not post, but I give it five stars! KCG

One New York Man's Journey To Off Grid Living In Montana