Harry Kane is reportedly willing to give up a significant chunk of his annual earnings to join Bayern Munich.

Tottenham Hotspur and Munich have begun talks, which were originally expected to take place last week but were pushed back due to Tottenham’s demands. Spurs were represented by chairman Daniel Levy and Munich by CEO Jan Christian Driessen. However, negotiations are not going the way Munich wants. Spurs are demanding a buy-back clause and additional money.

According to the UK’s Sky Sports, “After talks with Tottenham, the Bavarians believe they have fallen short of what Spurs want. The two sides discussed Kane over lunch in London, with talks continuing into the afternoon. There is a gap of around £20 million, but negotiations are continuing. It is understood that if the two clubs come to an agreement, Kane can officially talk to Munich. Tottenham will try to insert a buy-back clause to allow Kane to return to England in the future.”

A buy-back clause allows a player’s original club to buy him back at a later date for a certain amount of money. Tottenham are likely looking to insert a buy-back clause into Kane’s contract to leave the door open for a future return. While buy-back clauses are common in player transfers, they’re not always pleasant for the clubs that sign them. If the price tag isn’t high enough, they could be forced to sell the player they’ve worked so hard to acquire.

In addition to the buy-back clause, you need more money. Sky Sports didn’t reveal the exact amount that came out of the talks between the two sides, but they explained that in order for Tottenham and Munich to reach an agreement, Munich would have to pay around €33 billion more.

It looks like the negotiations are going Tottenham’s way. Tottenham chairman Levy is a master negotiator, and conversely, he is considered by other teams to be a very difficult negotiator. Once again, it appears that Levy is negotiating in his favor.

Kane’s mind seems to be set on a move to Munich. Reports have emerged that Kane would give up a large chunk of his salary to join Munich.

“Kane is reportedly ready to forgo his final year at Tottenham to move to Munich after an offer from the Bavarians was rejected,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported, citing a report from German publication Bild. The Bavarians had offered Tottenham £85 million for the player, which was promptly rejected. According to the outlet, “Kane could give up a significant chunk of the £20.6 million ($34.1 billion) he is due to earn in the final year of his contract with Spurs.

“The sum would be enough to close the gap between Tottenham and Munich’s negotiations and would be an extraordinary step in Kane’s transfer.”

If Munich were to sign Kane in the summer transfer window, it would break a club record. Sky Sports reported, “Munich are ready to break the club record to sign Kane, according to chief reporter Kabe Solhekol. Kane has just 12 months left on his contract, but the Bavarians are willing to pay more than the club record. Munich is convinced that Kane will play for them next season.” Munich’s club record is 80 million euros ($118 million), which they paid for Luca Hernandez.

The Bavarians will be looking to build on this deal. Realizing the void left by Robert Lewandowski last season, Munich scrambled to find a replacement for Lewandowski shortly after the summer transfer window opened and approached Kane, who is closer to being a complete striker. Tottenham have made it clear that they are not looking to sell their key striker, but they are far from certain that Kane will stay.

Furthermore, if Spurs fail to sell Kane in this summer’s transfer window, they could be forced to let him leave on a free transfer next summer when he becomes a free agent. If Kane doesn’t re-sign with Tottenham, that’s certainly a possibility.

This is why Spurs are on edge. Kane could opt for a move to Munich. Kane has never lifted a trophy in his career, despite his outstanding individual performances. Munich could quench his thirst for trophies. That’s why the Bavarians believe they can finalize the deal if they go through with it.

However, since Kane is still a Tottenham player, Munich would have to meet Spurs’ transfer fee in order to sign him. Tottenham are not known for going low when it comes to selling players, and this is even more likely with Kane.

Munich are also out there flirting with Kane. According to Tottenham fan community Spurs Web, “Munich officials have not been shy about letting the media know of their desire to sign Kane in recent weeks. Munich president Herbert Heynckes has also spoken publicly about Kane,” the site quoted Heynckes as saying.

“Munich is always looking to sign star players to make our club and the German Bundesliga better,” Heiner said, according to the outlet. Kane is certainly an attractive player. He is the captain of the England national team and a top scorer. It would be good for Munich and the Bundesliga to have him,” he said, adding that Kane’s arrival would be good for Munich and the Bundesliga.

As Spurs Web explains, Munich officials have been openly mentioning Kane and setting the tone that they want to sign him. In addition to Heynckes, several other figures associated with the club, including honorary chairman Uli Hoeneß and Munich legend Bastian Schweinsteiger, have publicly mentioned Kane’s name.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, “Höness said Kane had given clear signals that he wanted a move and that talks with his family had gone well. The Bavarians are stepping up their pursuit of Kane, claiming he has given them a commitment that he wants to join them this summer. The club sent a delegation to meet with president Daniel Levy last week, and now Hönemann says Kane has decided to move to Munich and all that remains is a transfer.”

“Kane has given clear signals in all the talks so far that his mind is made up, and if that is true, we will sign him. If that’s the case, Tottenham will have to give up Kane. Kane has the opportunity to join the best club in Europe,” he said, adding that Kane wants to move to Munich.

“Kane wants to play in Europe,” Höynes continued. Tottenham can’t play in Europe next season, but we can,” he said, adding that Munich is the club that can fulfill Kane’s desire to play in Europe.

Photo: Daily Mail

The German media is no different. German media outlets have continued to cover Kane’s move to Munich and have published a number of different reports. For example, Thomas Tuchel met with Kane at his home in London to try to convince him to stay, or Kane’s wife recently found a house in Munich.

More recently, the behavior has crossed the line. A journalist from German publication Bild reportedly attended Tottenham Hotspur’s pre-season press conference with a Munich shirt bearing Kane’s name and number 9. The publication picked up the story.

Bild wrote: “Our journalist Max is currently in Bangkok, Thailand, where Tottenham are spending their pre-season in order to follow Kane, the top striker that Munich want to sign. We took a Munich jersey with Kane’s number 9 on it to see how the Spurs side would react, but it didn’t go well. Tottenham’s press officer sent us a message that our journalists were not allowed to ask additional questions at the press conference.”

This behavior enraged head coach Enze Postecoglou. “The journalist smiled at Postecoglou, showed him the Munich jersey and said: ‘What do you think, it looks very good, doesn’t it?'” the UK’s Daily Mail reported. Postecoglou was furious.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Was it good to laugh? Good. You’ve come a long way to do that,” he said.

It was almost a provocation. Kane’s move to Munich is not yet a done deal, and it would be uncomfortable for Tottenham to show their manager that by wearing his name on their shirt in the midst of a transfer rumor. Postecoglou had previously said that he was “not comfortable” with Kane’s transfer speculation.

However, the ‘Bilt’ side seems to have no remorse. “Because of the shirt? That’s ridiculous,” the publication said, referring to a message they received from a Tottenham press officer.

Amidst all this, Tottenham are also reportedly looking to sell Kane if they are unable to re-sign him. “Levy has been told he will be forced to sell Kane this summer if he fails to sign a new deal,” the Telegraph reports. Tottenham owner Joe Lewis is understood to have told Levy that he is not prepared to see Kane leave the club as he becomes a free agent after the end of his contract.”메이저놀이터

“If Levy is unable to persuade him to re-sign, sources say he expects the club to sell Kane rather than give up a hefty transfer fee, with Spurs valuing him at £100 million ($164.3 million) or more. Munich are preparing a third offer for Kane and believe he will not sign a new contract with Tottenham.”

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