“You’re good at De Ligt?”?

Germany’s ‘Sport’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Mathias de Ligt and Kim Min-jae are rivals, but they maintain a very good relationship.” “The two have a special relationship.”

Kim Min-jae moved from Napoli to Bayern Munich on the 19th of last month. His transfer fee is known to be 50 million euros (71.7 billion won). Kim Min-jae was selected as the best defender in the league last season by playing an active role as a key center back for Napoli and contributing to Italy’s Serie A victory.

Kim Min-jae received basic military training for three weeks and could not train normally. That’s why Bayern Munich and coach Tuchel saw that Kim Min-jae was not yet in a state to play normally.

Initially, the club considered that he could join during the Asian tour, but this is also the reason why Kim Min-jae himself wanted to join the team training early. In the end, Kim Min-jae quickly melted into Bayern Munich training. 

As soon as Kim Min-jae transferred, he immediately went on an Asian tour. In Japan, his first destination, Kim Min-jae made his Bayern Munich debut as a starter in a friendly against Kawasaki Frontale held in Tokyo, Japan on the 29th of last month.

Afterwards, while playing against Liverpool and AS Monaco, Kim Min-jae started competing for his starting position in earnest. At this point, De Licht and Kim Min-jae are favored among the defensive combinations.

The defensive combination of Kim Min-jae and De Ligt is likely to be the key to Munich’s success this season. The German media also expressed great expectations for the combination of the two, calling it ‘two giant towers’.

Sport claimed that Kim Min-jae and De Ligt had a special relationship. It is that both players are defenders who joined Munich after playing in Serie A.

In an interview with Sport, Min-jae Kim said, “De Ligt left Juventus and joined Munich last season. I paid attention to him from the time he showed good form at Juventus.”

He added, “When I heard that Munich was interested in me, I immediately thought of De Ligt. He has performed very well since the first season in Munich, so I try to use him as a role model.”토토사이트

Sport emphasized, “Kim Min-jae and De Ligt are competitors, but they are very close. In particular, Kim Min-jae said that Marty (De Ligt’s nickname) was a very good person and showed a friendly feeling.”

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