The 3rd training of the ‘2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp’ hosted by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) ended on the 11th. This 3rd camp was attended by U-13 (under 13 years old) elementary and little players from the southern region.

The third training, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation, was held in Gijang-gun, Busan for 13 days from the 30th to the 11th of last month (July).

Six members of the KBO Talent Donation Committee, including coach Jang Jong-hoon, battery coach Seong-woo Kang, hitting coach Dong-soo Kim, Jin-woo Song, pitching coach Myung-joo Cha, and defensive coach Min-woo Kim, participated as coaching staff. Manager Jang and coaches guided training for youth players to improve their baseball skills and acquire basic skills.

Coach Jang emphasized the importance of basic skills to players through T-Bar training in batting practice. Coach Dongsoo Kim took pictures of former players hitting and conducted training to analyze and correct problems through one-on-one customized counseling with students using motion connection analysis.

Coaches Jinwoo Song and Myungju Cha focused on the basics of pitching through the throwing program. In addition, defense training was also conducted in preparation for specific situations such as first base cover, double play defense, and bunt defense.

Coaches Kang Seong-woo and Kim Min-woo worked hard to form the basic skills of promising players by intensively educating catchers and fielders in defense, including basic posture, footwork, throwing motion, and batted ball handling play. Pyun Joo-wan (Daejeon Sinheung Elementary School), who was selected as the best player for this camp, said, “It was fun to train with coaches from KBO legend players.”

He added, “Even after going to middle school, I want to train hard and participate in the next Next-Level camp.” Coach Jang, who oversaw the training, said, “I am grateful that the participating players followed suit even in the hot weather.”

Coach Jang also encouraged the players, saying, “As the possibilities are endless, if you make good use of what you have trained at camp, you will be able to grow into a better player in the future.”

At this camp, KBO also provided injury prevention and anti-doping education by Geum Jeong-seop, director of Sejong Sports Orthopedic Surgery, and sports ethics education by professional instructors at the Korea Professional Sports Association.

Busan Gijang-gun and Dong-A Otsuka helped a lot in this camp. Gijang-gun provided all training facilities such as a little softball field and nets in the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center, and Dong-A Otsuka provided water and Pocari Sweat for the players to replenish their hydration.먹튀검증

KBO will conduct the 4th training of the Next-Level Training Camp for 40 U-13 elementary and little players in the northern region at the same place from the 12th.

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