The conflict between Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is heading to a climax.

Mbappe refused to renew the contract with PSG, and PSG took a strong retaliation. Mbappe’s contract expires next year. Mbappe’s refusal to renew his contract allowed him to become eligible to move as a free agent next year.

PSG is against association. A firm determination that Mbappe, who was recruited by paying a huge transfer fee, cannot be exported for free. PSG is hoping for Mbafe to renew the contract, and is actually threatening to do so.

He was excluded from the Asian tour, and after returning to the Asian tour, he was also excluded from first-team training. Local media reported that Mbappe’s absence was certain until the third round, including the opening match. Beyond that, PSG is threatening to stay on the bench all season unless he renews his contract.

Even in the will of this strong psg, mbape is not able to do it. It is a willingness to endure any threat and pain. The idea is that he only has to hold out for a year. And to transfer to Real Madrid without a transfer fee. This is Mbappe’s plan.

England’s ‘Daily Star’ said, “Mbappe is trying to turn around while remaining at PSG. Mbappe will remain at PSG this season in order to move to Real Madrid next year.”

The media continued, “Even if Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid this summer, the situation is not feasible. Real Madrid are out of budget as they sign Jude Bellingham. I can’t afford to afford Mbappe. Real Madrid are also looking forward to a free signing of Mbappe next year.”먹튀검증

Lastly, “Mbappe is not budging to move to Real Madrid as a free agent next year. His relationship with PSG has completely deteriorated, but he is holding on to realize his dream of moving to Real Madrid.”

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