Yesterday (17th), in the major leagues, there were a lot of strange things.

Let’s check out reporter Lee Seong-hoon’s report, from the home still that the pitcher didn’t even have time to throw, to the ‘ground home run’ made by the oddly bouncing ball.

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to Kim Ha-sung’s hit and run in the 3rd inning, San Diego’s 2-out 3rd base opportunity in the 7th inning, when San Diego led Baltimore 4-2, suddenly raised the voice of the local broadcaster.

[This is home still! Tatis Jr. scores for free!]

While Perez, left-handed pitcher of Baltimore, stood with his back to third base and focused only on the batter, third base runner Tatis Jr. took a few steps toward home and ran at full speed, giving him time to throw. It was a successful home steal.

San Diego, who put a wedge in the match with a successful home steal for the first time in seven years as a San Diego player, saved their hopes of going to the postseason with two consecutive wins.

Tampa Bay’s Rayleigh’s big ball hits the right wall of Oracle Park in San Francisco, then hits the top of the fence again and deflects.

Rayleigh, who sprinted at full speed while the panicked outfielders were confused, completed the ground home run with ease without even sliding.먹튀검증

Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels hit his 42nd home run of the season against Texas, trailing Olsen of Atlanta, the overall major league leader, by one again.

After hitting the ball high above the strike zone so hard that his helmet came off, he created a rare scene of running around the ground without a helmet.

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