While guns in the U.S. and “stabbings” in South Korea are becoming social issues, the world of baseball is also experiencing a spate of disturbing incidents. Today (Sept. 29), fans stormed onto the field in the United States and lunged at a player.

Lee Sung-hoon reports.


An Atlanta superstar, Acuña, was preparing to play defense when a fan suddenly jumped on him.

As security struggled to break the fan’s embrace, another fan lunged at him and he fell to the ground.

Luckily, Acuña was unharmed, but the American baseball world was shocked by the unusual incident, which involved a fan running onto the field and making physical contact with a player.

Last Saturday at the Chicago White Sox home field, two fans in the outfield bleachers were injured by a stray bullet during a game.

[FAN AT THE TIME OF THE INCIDENT: A woman sitting in the front row right in front of us was bleeding, and they found a bullet].

Police officials said the bullet appeared to have been fired inside the stadium, suggesting that a gun may have been brought into the stadium.먹튀검증

Ballpark safety issues are not unique to the United States.

In the bottom of the ninth inning of last Saturday’s game between LG and NC, umpire Yoon Sang-won, who ruled an infield hit as required because the ball grazed his foot, received “death threats” against him and his family after LG’s late-game loss, and to this day has not returned to the field.

The increasingly vicious social climate has led to a growing sense of insecurity in baseball stadiums.

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