Hwang In-Beom will start against Manchester. He’s expected to start.

Tsubena Zvezda will face Manchester City in the first leg of their 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) Group G tie at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England, on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Zvezda are drawn in Group G alongside Young Boys and Leipzig.

Hwang In-Beom is expected to play. Hwang In-bum grew up with the Daejeon Citizen (now Daejeon Hana Citizen) before moving to the Vancouver Whitecaps (USA) in 2019. He then played for Rubin Kazan (Russia) and FC Seoul (South Korea) before joining Olympiacos in Greece last July.온라인바카라

He dominated the Greek stage with his outstanding skills. Hwang played a maestro-like role in the third line, passing, breaking up attacks, and controlling the tempo of the game. He also created chances through momentary second-line penetrations to add numbers to the offense or through direct breakthroughs. His overall tally was five goals and four assists in 40 official games, and he was named Olympiakos’ Player of the Year in a fan vote organized by the Elada secretariat.

However, he was involved in a contract dispute, and after an argument, Zvezda’s transfer was finalized. Zvezda is a Serbian team that was founded in 1945 and is a former UCL champion. They won the title in the 1990-91 season. They are the most decorated team in the Serbian Superliga and have consistently won trophies in various competitions. They’re still a UCL regular today. This season, they”re in the UCL again and are in Group G, where they”ll face City, Leipzig, and Young Boys. The highest transfer of all time was Osman Bukhari to Zvezda for €3 million. The club record will be broken by the arrival of Hwang In-beom, who will cost €5 million.

He left Daejeon, went to MLS, then Russia to escape the war, came back to Korea, went to Greece, and then finalized his move to Serbia. Again, an unorthodox path. No other Korean player has made a name for himself in Europe through this route. As ‘SPORTAL’ reported, he is the first Korean in the history of Zrvena. It was the same with Olympiacos.

In his recruitment interview, Hwang was determined but also excited about UCL. “The UCL is one of the big reasons I came here. We all want to play in the best club competition in the world. I’m ready to play for Zvezda with my teammates and introduce myself to the fans. There is no easy group in the UCL. We’ve put together a good team and we’re happy to be playing against big European clubs like Man City. I’m looking forward to those games and I’m not afraid of anyone. I think we can beat any team in our group.”

“I talked to Son Heung-min [of Tottenham Hotspur] and Hwang Hee-chan [of Wolverhampton] about Man City, and they told me that I need to be ready to play for 90 minutes non-stop. I can keep playing, but I think everyone needs to attack, not just defend for 90 minutes. Whether it’s Man City or Leipzig, you have to score to win. In the UCL, you don’t defend to draw, you have to win the game. I’m ready to help the team, I’m ready to run like a dog.”

Ahead of the match, UEFA had predicted Zvezda’s starting lineup against City, which included Hwang In-beom. Hwang had already made his Zvezda debut in the league. Hwang flew from Zvezda to Manchester to join the team and warmed up at the Etihad Stadium. He’s ready to play his first career UCL match against Man City. It will be interesting to see if he can make a big impact.

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