The 22nd edition of the DENSO Cup Korea-Japan College Soccer Tournament (“DENSO Cup Korea-Japan”) will be held at 11:30 a.m. on April 24 at Anyang Sports Complex.

The DENSO Cup is a regional competition that has been sponsored by global auto parts company DENSO for more than 30 years since 1992 with the aim of improving the quality of college soccer in Japan and fostering national soccer talent. Since 1997, the tournament has been expanded to a regular competition between varsity soccer players from Japan and Korea, contributing to the development of college soccer in both countries and supporting bilateral exchanges through sports.

Over the years, the DENSO Cup has established itself as a place to discover and nurture soccer talent from both countries. It has produced a number of great players by giving college players who dream of playing for the national team in the future the opportunity to grow through international experience. Former World Cup players Kim Nam-il, Kim Jung-woo, Cho Yoo-min, and FC Bayern Munich’s Kim Min-jae have all played in the Denso Cup. In Japan, the DENSO Cup continues to contribute to the development of soccer in both countries, with the majority of J-League players having played in the tournament.

The 22nd DENSO Cup Korea-Japan match, which will be held on April 24, will feature a Korean team led by Jeju International University head coach Seo Hyuk-soo and a coaching staff of 22 players, who will compete against the Japanese team. With the exception of Choi Kang-min (MF) of Daegu National University of the Arts, Bae Jin-woo (DF) of Jeju International University, Son Young-yoon (FW) of Kwangwoon University, and Park Joo-young (FW) of Kyung Hee University, who all competed in the 21st DENSO Cup in Japan in March, the squad is composed of new faces and features an increased proportion of first- and second-year players compared to the last match.

“DENSO is very pleased and proud that the DENSO Cup Japan-Korea Tournament, which DENSO has sponsored for many years, is now in its 22nd year,” said Mr. Kenichiro Ito, Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Officer of DENSO Corporation. “We hope that the tournament will provide growth opportunities for the players and enjoyable matches for soccer fans. DENSO will continue to support the development and exchange of soccer between the two countries through the DENSO Cup.”메이저사이트

Byun Seok-hwa, President of the Korea University Football Association, said, “Thanks to DENSO’s unwavering support, the DENSO Cup has been able to reach this point. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to DENSO once again, and the KUFA will continue to spare no effort and support for the DENSO Cup.”

The game will be broadcast live on SBS Sports, and more than 150 DENSO Korea employees and their families will be on hand to cheer on the players, adding to the excitement of the tournament.

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