An attitude toward basketball.

On the 21st, the South Central Final of the ’53rd Autumn National Men’s and Women’s Intermediate Basketball Federation Games Haenam’ was held at Woosul Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do. Samsunjung and Hwimunjung played. The result was 76-59 in favor of Samseonjoong. The team finished the year with six titles.

Coach Han Kyu-hyun, who led Samsunjung, received the tournament’s Coach Guidance Award.

“It was the last tournament of the year. Our players have good athleticism and good physicality. They also have a good understanding of basketball. Above all, they play basketball really hard. They have a good attitude, so we were able to do well from start to finish,” said 2023.

Six titles. A record not easily achieved. At the center of it all were twin brothers Yoon Ji-won and Yoon Ji-hoon.

Coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “The twins have been playing basketball since elementary school. They know basketball very well. Not only them, but also the other players followed their positions well. We positioned them to do well in their respective positions and gave them a lot of guidance to keep them focused.”바카라사이트

The top three in the secondary division. They were undefeated, but lost 49-69 against Myeongjijung on the third day of the tournament on Nov. 14. It was their first loss of the year.

“We lost (Yoon) Ji-hoon to the youth national team. In preparation for this tournament, we played two third-year players and continued to operate mainly with second-year players. Against Myeongji Heavy, we had a tough game because the second-year players were clumsy and inexperienced. However, we managed to get over that hump and I felt that the players gained confidence and progressed through the round of 16 and quarterfinals. They played well until the final.”

Meanwhile, with the graduation of the third-year players, a weakening of the 2024 Samsunjung is inevitable.

Coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “Next year’s players will be less physically strong than their older brothers, but the future is important. Grades are important, but I plan to guide these players to do better and develop in high school. It won’t be easy next year, but I will lead them well.”

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