AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho is facing a crisis.

After six rounds of the 2023-24 Italian Serie A season, Mourinho’s AS Roma are in 16th place. They have one win, two draws, three losses, and five points. That’s not much more than 18th-place Udinese (3 points), who are in the relegation zone.

Naturally, the “Mourinho Science” comes into play. Mourinho has hit a slump in his third year in charge of any team. The same jinx has happened in the past with Tottenham, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. Mourinho lost his job after failing to avert a career crisis.

Local Italian media are worried about ‘Mourinho year three’. Mourinho was previously appointed in 2019 when he was manager of Tottenham. His last day on the job was in 2021. Mourinho was ousted from Tottenham due to poor performance. He was sacked in his third season in charge of Man United. The same pattern was repeated at Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Mourinho has been in charge of AS Roma since the 2021-22 season. In both his first and second seasons, the club finished sixth in the league. In his first season, he led the club to the UEFA Europa Conference title. In his second season, the club finished runners-up in the UEFA Europa League. For the second year in a row, they reached the final of a European competition.

This season, however, they are just above the relegation zone. It’s not like they haven’t invested. Despite signing the likes of Paulo Dybala and Romelu Lukaku, they’ve underperformed. There’s no guarantee they’ll get better. Because of this, there are many who believe that Mourinho should be sacked.온라인바카라

After the 1-4 loss to Genoa on Monday, Mourinho said, “I apologize for the performance. I have nothing to say. I didn’t say anything to the players. When I say I haven’t said anything to the players, I mean I don’t have anything to say about this performance.”

“It’s true that we’ve had a bad start to the season. It’s the worst in my entire coaching career. But I am the first coach in the club’s history to lead AS Roma to the top of European competition twice.”

Mourinho added: “I can’t be sad about the criticism from the fans. At the moment, AS Roma is a team with many problems. We have to refocus and work from tomorrow. The most important thing is to rebound.”

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