We’re one day away from the conclusion of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Today was another day of medal news.

We go live to Hangzhou.

Yes, in just a few moments, the final game will be played here for the gold medal.

We’re ahead in the cheering department.

This is because the Chinese people are cheering for our country amidst the anti-Japanese sentiment that has worsened recently.

[Liu Binbin / Chinese soccer fan]
“He (Lee Kang-in) is from Paris Saint-Germain. I will support the Korean team.”

In terms of strength, there are many opinions that we are dominant.

Hwang Sun-hong recently lost 0:3 to Japan, but our players are determined to avenge the defeat.

[Seol Young-woo / National Football Team]
“No matter how much we think about it, we feel like we have a lot of reasons to win, and we are confident that we can win no matter what. We will go home with the gold medal.”

Spearheading the attack will be top scorer Jung Woo-young.

With creative and incisive passes from Lee Kang-in, the game could easily be won.

The baseball team is currently in the final against Chinese Taipei.

The team needs to defeat Chinese Taipei, who they lost to in the group stage, to win their fourth consecutive gold medal.

[Q2] Is it possible that today will be the day with the most gold medals?

Yes, there could be as many as 10.

It’s the most gold medals we’ve ever had on the last day of a competition.

Earlier, we had three gold medals.메이저사이트

Starting with Lim Im-hyun in women’s archery, Moon Hye-kyung in soft tennis, and Park Hye-jung in weightlifting.

Until now, five a day was the maximum.

Today, we’re looking forward to more.

Badminton’s Ahn Se-young will face rival Chen Yufei of China in the final.

Throw in breaking for the first time, sport climbing, and ball games, and you have the makings of a spectacular finish.

I’m Tae-Wook Kim, Channel A News, live from Hangzhou.

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