The Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks will meet in this season’s Major League Baseball World Series. The surprise. Teams that barely made it to the postseason are writing fall legends and playing for the World Series crown.

Texas and Arizona were the No. 1 favorites to miss the postseason this year. They were rated as the weakest teams in the American League and National League postseason. Texas was seeded fifth out of six teams in the American League and Arizona was seeded sixth out of six teams in the National League.

Few expected the two teams to meet in the World Series. But Texas and Arizona pulled off miracles, knocking off powerhouse after powerhouse. They made it through the Wild Card Series, the Division Series, and the Championship Series to reach the World Series. They defied the odds and continued their march to the top.

Texas was the No. 5 seed in the American League postseason. They were favored to win the division, but lost the final game of the regular season and slipped into the Wild Card Series. In the Wild Card Series, they won two straight games against the powerhouse Tampa Bay Rays. In the Division Series, they swept the American League’s winningest team, the Baltimore Orioles, in three games and punched their ticket to the World Series by sweeping the Houston Astros, who had stolen the division title, in the Championship Series.굿모닝토토 주소

Arizona, which finished last in the National League Wild Card Series, also made it to the World Series by pulling off an improbable miracle. They swept the Milwaukee Brewers in two games in the Wild Card Series, then took three games from the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Division Series. In the Championship Series, they swept the Philadelphia Phillies in four games to three to clinch their first World Series appearance in 22 years. They kept turning the tables on the odds and had a shot at the top.

The unthinkable has become a reality. The lowest-seeded teams in the postseason would meet in the World Series. Texas and Arizona, two teams that were objectively underdogs, have fought their way to the top of the standings. Whoever wins will be a miracle. The matchup of miracle teams adds another layer of intrigue. It will be interesting to see which team can pull off the biggest miracle in the Fall Legends of 2023.

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