It was a mixed bag of new and old powerhouses in Game 5 of the PBA.

‘Freshman classmates’ Choi Sung-won and Sanchez Signer reached the round of 32 side by side, while Cho Jae-ho Sang-dae and Oh Sung-wook Q.Nguyen suffered setbacks.

Choi Sung-won (Huon’s Healthcare Legends) defeated Jung Hae-chang 3:0 (15:13, 15:14, 15:7) in straight sets in the Round of 64 of the Huon’s PBA Championship in the fifth round of the 23/24 Season at the Kintex PBA Dedicated Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, on June 26.

Choi got off to a good start in the first set, taking it 15:13 (9 games) with a high run of 7 points. Choi was down 13:14 in the second set, but scored the remaining 2 points in the 16th game to win. In the third set, he closed out the match 15:7 thanks to a five-point high run to reach the first round of 32 after yesterday’s (25th) victory over Masu-girl in the professional stage.

Daniel Sanchez (Eswai Bazar) used four long shots (four 5s and one 6) to defeat Nguyen Quang Nguyen (Hanacard Hanapay) 3:1, while Semi Signer (Huons) defeated Koo Min-soo 3:0 to reach the round of 64.메이저놀이터

Mamin Gum (NHK Card Green Force), Kim Bong-cheol (Huon’s), Wing Deok An-chien (High One Winners), Uhm Sang-pil (Blue One Angels), Park In-soo (Eswai), and Choi Sang-woon joined them in the Round of 32.

On the other hand, Cho Jae-ho (NHK Card) lost to Ko Sang-woon in straight sets 1:3 (7:15, 15:8, 1:15, 9:15). After dropping the first set, he was down 6:8 in the second set until the seventh inning, but won 15:8 with a ‘final high run of 9 points’ in the eighth inning, making the set score 1:1. However, he lost the third set 1:15 (5 innings) and then dropped the fourth set, eliminating him from the round of 64 for the first time this season.

In addition, Oh Sung-wook (NHK Card) lost to Park Joo-sun and Lee Sang-dae lost to Kim Bong-chul.

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