In the men’s 5-kilometer race, Mr. Chung Kwang-min, 35, from Changwon, Gyeongnam, won the title. It was his second attempt at the Busan Sea Marathon after last year, and he was honored to take the podium as the winner.

Chung ran and ran and ran to win the race. After work, he would run around the neighborhood playground to improve his skills. He gained experience in other races to prepare for the Busan Sea Marathon, and it paid off.

Chung competed in the 10-kilometer category at last year’s event. Although he didn’t make it to the podium last year, he couldn’t forget the view of Gwangan Bridge, which can only be enjoyed at the Busan Sea Marathon, so he pressed the registration button again.토토사이트

This time around, Chung led from start to finish and then passed for first place before the finish line. “I kept adjusting my pace in case I was overtaken,” he says, “I didn’t win last year, so I was very happy to get a good result this year.”

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