DB head coach Kim Joo-sung was disappointed with the win.
Wonju DB defeated Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 94-79 on Wednesday at Daegu Gymnasium in the first game of the 2023-2024 regular season of the Korean Basketball League. With the team’s fifth straight win to open the season, DB maintained sole possession of first place.

DB took control of the game midway through the second quarter. At one point in the third quarter, they led by 17 points. They started the fourth quarter on a high note with a dunk from Kim Jong-kyu, but lost the momentum to Gasworks and were down to four points at one point.

DB, like a strong team, focused in the crunch and scored seven consecutive points to pull away from GASCO.

DB head coach Kim Joo-sung said after the win, “I was embarrassed and criticized the players a lot. “As I said before the game, our basketball is about energy, and I don’t know what they were thinking, but it was a mental game, and it’s my fault that I couldn’t catch it. It was an embarrassing performance tonight (Wednesday),” he said, not satisfied with the win.

DB picked up a technical foul early in the fourth quarter for accumulating bench technicals.

“I told them Lawson is number one, but they kept saying Ilvano is number one,” Kim said. They said the referees were (pointing fingers) at them. It’s Albano’s fault for misleading us, and our players didn’t need to be sensitive to the referee.” “It’s wrong to blame the referee for not doing what they should have done. We had to concentrate on the game, but we didn’t, so we made a lot of mistakes and played complacent.” 보스토토

As for how they managed to come back from a four-point deficit, Kim Joo-sung said, “Against KT, we stood and played when we were caught up and allowed them to attack. We need to move to a faster tempo and play organically. We allowed them to counterattack by walking after a mistake,” he said, adding, “It was good that we were able to create shooting opportunities by running a pattern of catching the ball while moving or setting screens.”

The game against KT was even more critical. Coach Kim Joo-sung even said that it was a game they were going to lose. Today was better. Nevertheless, he reprimanded the players more strongly.

“We made ridiculous mistakes in the game, and our prepared plays didn’t work at all. We even did the opposite of what we were instructed to do. We made a lot of defensive mistakes and stood around in the offense,” he explained.

DB travels to Ulsan to face the Ulsan Hyundai Mobis on Nov. 5, looking to extend their opening six-game winning streak.

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