“I’ll always remember this win.”

Pohang Steelers defender Shin Kwang-hoon went back and forth between “hell” and “heaven” during the Hana OneQ Korea Football Association (FA) Cup final against Jeonbuk Hyundai on April 4 at Pohang Steelyard. Early in the match, Shin had a nervous battle with Jeonbuk forward Han Gyo-won and managed to keep him at bay. However, in the second minute of the second half, he conceded a penalty while blocking Jeonbuk defender Jung Woo-jae. It was heartbreaking as Han Chan-hee equalized in the 44th minute to tie the game.

Shin Kwang-hoon was replaced by Shim Sang-min in the 10th minute of the second half and left the field. Fortunately, Pohang scored the next three goals to secure a 4-2 victory. After the game, Shin Kwang-hoon said, “It’s great to win at home after 10 years. I gave away a penalty kick, but the juniors saved the senior. Thank you to the juniors,” he said after the win.

When Pohang won the FA Cup a decade ago in 2013, they beat Jeju United 4-2 in the semifinals before meeting Jeonbuk in the final and winning on penalties. This time, it was the other way around. Kim told his players about the 4-2 win before the game.

“He said, ‘I tried to keep my promise to the coach,'” says Shin Kwang-hoon. I said, ‘Congratulations because it’s your first win.’ We have five trophies (Pohang’s FA Cup win) and we shared three. Still, I’m proud of it because it seems like a strange half-timer. I think I remember the most recently. The team was in crisis, but we always overcame it. I think it will be memorable for me personally.” 무지개토토 도메인

For Shin Kwang-hoon, who conceded the penalty, it was a “tease”. “(Lee) Ho-jae said, ‘You’ve gone to hell,'” Shin said. It wasn’t just Ho-jae, it was everyone. It was the same with the coaching staff. We won the championship, so we can accept everything,” he chuckled.

Shin Kwang-hoon is Pohang’s best player. However, the sudden departure of Shin Shin-ho (Incheon United) increased the pressure on him. Pohang has been captained by Kim Seung-dae and vice-captained by Ha Chang-rae this season. “Looking back, it was very difficult at the beginning,” Shin said, “but there were few years that were not difficult. It was hard every time, but Pohang has its own spirit. I think we overcame the crisis well. There is also an age difference between me and Seung-dae. I tried to keep my opinions to myself as much as possible. I tried to bury it, but I think Seung Dae led the players well. They also supported Chang-rae well. I’m grateful,” he said, thanking his juniors once again.

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