Who will cut the first tape of the young Ryu Jung-il Ho?

The 2023 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) will be held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan starting on April 15 and will feature four nations. They are Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia.

Korea will play Australia on the 15th, Japan on the 16th, and Chinese Taipei on the 17th, and then play the final or third- and fourth-place games on the 18th, depending on the results.

The team, led by head coach Ryu Jung-il, convened on May 5 and has been training at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu since June 6.

The tournament is open to players aged 24 or younger (born after Jan. 1, 1999) or within their third year of playing (born after 2021), with up to three players aged 29 or younger (born after Jan. 1, 1994) as wild cards. The national team will have

A total of 12 pitchers. With the exception of LG Twins’ Jeong Woo-young and KT Wiz’s Park Young-hyun, who are away for the Korean Series, all have been called up and are training.

The starting staff is expected to be six. Won Tae-in (Samsung), Kwak Bin Choi Seung-yong (Doosan), Moon Dong-joo (Hanwha), Lee Yi-ri (KIA), and Oh Won-seok (SSG) will compete for four starting spots.

“We have four games in total, so they only need to play one game each,” Ryu said after watching the training on the seventh, “and I’ll start with the players I think are in the best shape.”

The national team will play two scrimmages against a commercial baseball team on Aug. 8 and 11. They were going to play day and night, but with the colder weather, they decided to play both at 1:30pm. The idea was to have a varsity player in the lineup so that everyone could get a chance to test their conditioning.

Kwak Bin and Moon Dong-ju will be the starting pitchers on the 8th. On the 11th, we will use our best lineup for a final check. However, KT and LG players will not be able to join the team if the Korean Series is extended. Ryu said he will prepare with that in mind. 무지개토토

As for the starting lineup, he has a big picture in mind. “We have four games, so (the starters) only need to pitch one game,” Ryu said. Moon Dong-joo, Kwak Bin Won-tae-in Lee Yi-ri, Oh Won-seok, and Choi Seung-yong are the starters, but we’re going to watch the training process and start with the players we think are in the best shape.”

In the end, the player with the best performance in the scrimmage will start against Australia.

The Japan game could have been a ritual, but they want to make the most of it. “It’s a short-term game anyway, and it would be nice to win all three, but Australia and Chinese Taipei are must-wins. Whoever wins the final will have to play, so I think we have to win against Australia and Taiwan.”

The team is determined to win at least two games, but their opponents are formidable. After watching the opponent’s power analysis video the day before, Liu said, “They throw well and hit well. There’s no such thing as an easy country anymore,” Liu said.

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