Zack Greinke, 40, is coming off the worst season of his major league career, but will he extend his active career for one more year to reach 3,000 career strikeouts?

According to MLB Network, Greinke still hasn’t made a final decision on whether to retire or extend his career.

Based on his age and performance, it’s very likely that he will choose to retire. Greinke will turn 41 in 2024, and this season was his worst yet.

However, Greinke does have some motivation to extend his career. 3000 strikeouts. He has 2,979 with only 21 left to go this season.

With just one more year to go, he has a very good chance of joining the 3000-strikeout club. This is what seems to be slowing him down.
In 30 games (27 starts) this season, Greinke has pitched 142 1/3 innings, going 2-15 with a 5.06 ERA. He has 97 strikeouts. 무지개토토 도메인

That’s his worst mark since 2005, his second year in the majors. At this point, Greinke is no longer competitive as a major league starter.

The only team that might give him a chance is his hometown team, the Kansas City Royals. If Greinke stays in Kansas City, he’s virtually guaranteed a one-year deal.
It will be interesting to see if Greinke, who has 225 career wins and 3389 1/3 innings pitched, will retire after reaching 3,000 strikeouts with his hometown team.

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