The 2023 Annual Conference of the Korea Coaching Development Center (KCDC) will be held at Seoul Venture University (SVU) on April 10, starting at 10:00 am.

The theme is ‘Life coaching and convergence coaching’. It will consist of life coaching for medalists (sports stars), life coaching for career, and convergence coaching. The idea is to create ‘better sports through better coaches’. A total of 16 papers will be presented, including 7 life coaching-related studies, 6 convergence coaching-related studies, and 3 poster presentations. The event is hosted by the Korea Coaching Development Institute and International Sports Group and organized by the Seoul Coaching Development Center.

Starting at 10 a.m., Kim Ki-jin, professor emeritus at Kyungmyeong University, and Choi Jong-pil, professor at Daegu University, will lead the ‘Capacity Building Workshop for the Editorial Board of Coaching Competence Development Journal’. Park Jung-geun, Director of the Korea Coaching Competency Development Center (visiting professor at Yongin University), will deliver a lecture titled ‘Living a life where you are the protagonist. Stories of Success and Failure’ will be presented. In the medalist life coaching session, Ha Sook-yeh, Vice President of the Seoul Center (Hansegae University), Nam Jin-ah, Director of the Seoul Center (Kyungpook National University), Lee Tae-hyun, Director of the Gyeonggi Center (Yongin University), and Lim Da-yeon, Director of the Seoul Center (National Mokpo Maritime University) will present one after another.

Starting at 2:20 p.m., Yoonhee Park, Director of the Seoul Center (Sungsil University), and Yongkwan Song, Chairman of the Busan Center (Pukyong National University), will take the microphone for Life Coaching for Careers. Then, Kim Hyung-joon (PhD candidate at Kyemyung University), Choi Jong-pil (Professor at Daegu University), and Park Joo-joo (Professor at Kyemyung University), Director of Daegu Center, will present convergence coaching on the topic of ‘Reliability Analysis of Poomsae Competition Results at the 2023 Chuncheon Open International Taekwondo Competition’. ‘VR Sports Learning Management Solution (CLMS) Application and Coaching Techniques’ will be presented by Park Jung-ho, Director of the Seoul Center, and ‘Introduction of Jaysport at KCDC Baseball Academy Branch’ will be presented by Lee Min-jae, CEO of Jaysport. Lee Geun-ho, vice chairman of the Chungnam Center (professor at Duwon Institute of Technology), and Shin Yoon-ah, chairman of the Chungnam Center (professor at Dankook University), will present on the topic of exercise management using wearable devices.

Gyeonggi Center Director Kim Kyung-yeon (Professor, Gyeonggi University Continuing Education Center) will present “Talent in the Convergence Era,” and Gyeonggi Center Director Lee Seung-jae (President, Korean Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) will present “The Process of Introducing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Korea. 토토사이트

In the final post-presentation session, Nam Jin-ah, Director of the Seoul Center (Kyungpook National University), and Baek In-ha, Son Mi-kyung, and Shin Neu-yoon (Kyungpook National University) will present “Factors of Leader Trust in Taekwondo Demonstration Athletes. Ye-Young Kim, Director of Seoul Center (Kyungpook National University), Myung-Ji Lee, Dae-In Jeon (Kyungpook National University), and Ji-Eun Ahn (Kyungpook National University) will present “Changes in cerebral oxygen saturation heart rate and body temperature following whole body cryotherapy treatment. Professors Wang Yeh of Fudan University and Yang Myung-Hwan of Jeju University will present their research on “The Effects of Intra-Sport Team Conflict on Athletic Performance: Examining the Moderating Effects of Approval Communication”.

For the past 25 years, the Korea Coaching Competency Development Institute has been conducting publications, academic seminars, private qualification training, establishment of regional coaching competency development centers and branches, coaching workshops, international exchanges, and support for national and public institutions.

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