KOGAS acting head coach Kang Hyuk is wary of Lee Jung-hyun.
Daegu KOGAS will play a home game against Goyang Sono of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Organization at Daegu Gymnasium on Nov. 11. KOGAS is currently on a four-game losing streak. Sono is in eighth place with a 2-5 record. If the 10th-ranked Gasworks loses to Sono, they could go on a longer losing streak.

Acting head coach Kang Hyuk said before the match, “Both Sono and us will be eager. The team with more desire will win,” he said, adding, “Lee Jung-hyun’s form is so good that we will defend as hard as possible (to make him play), but he will do his own thing. Even Jeon Seong-hyun has trained to defend against two players. I said, “Let’s make it as difficult as possible. For example, if Jeon Sung-hyun is guarding Shin Seung-min, I’ll attack with Shin Seung-min. He shoots a lot of 3-pointers, so we try to give him more 2-pointers inside than 3-pointers.”

Lee Jeong-hyun tends to do well against Poison Gas Corporation. Lee knows this, too.

Acting head coach Kang Hyuk said, “When I watched the game against the other team, we switched, but if we do that, Nicholson will have to stop Lee, so it will be difficult. If it doesn’t work, we have to switch. For now, we’ll stick to one side. When we play two-man, he’s good at hitting and getting out, and he’s good at getting to the outside. “We’ve been practicing that and if it doesn’t work, we’ll switch with Nicholson. If Lee Jung-hyun (attacks), everyone else will stand. Against KT, (Lee) did a good job, but he got tired afterward. Against us, his shots are going in.”

Andrew Nicholson’s scoring has dropped recently. 보스토토 주소

Acting coach Kang Hyuk said, “When he first came, he was fine. He didn’t play for a while (before joining the team). His stamina dropped. I could see the struggle. I was worried about that. No matter how good a player is at scoring, he can’t do it every day.” “Domestic players shouldn’t just look at Nicholson. I was worried because he’s not a defensive player. In the last three games, our two-point percentage and rebounding dropped a lot, and that’s what we’re looking for (scoring and rebounding). He didn’t do that for three games in a row, but he recognized it, thought about it, and said he would try to do it again. I told the domestic players not to just look for Nicholson. We talked about it a lot in practice, telling them to throw and rebound confidently whenever they get the chance.”

On Anthony Moss, Kang Hyuk said, “When Nicholson plays and Moss comes in, he plays inside, participates in rebounding, and has good activity. He defends, rebounds, screens, and runs fast breaks.” “When we’re playing well and we’re not scoring, we have to use Nicholson. There have been times when we haven’t scored for a couple of minutes and we put him in and (still) haven’t scored, and I wish we would have gone to Morse at that point. Nicholson’s success rate is dropping, and we need to play Moss more.”

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